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Roxy Angel Superstar!

The Center of the Heart Santa Barbara is a place of peace, love and harmony because we have Roxy as our own personal OM - Operations and Marketing Manager.  Roxy wears many hats for the Center:  In addition to her services as a Licensed Practitioner and member of the Core Council, Roxy handles all day-to-day operations; rental agreements; Logistics; Social Media Marketing; website management; production coordination for Sunday services; Special Events and Volunteer Coordinating.  Roxy joined our team in 2010 and brought a dynamic, positive energy that is inspiring and uplifting.  Prior to joining our team, Roxy had her own private business, producing digital assets for the 3D gaming market.  Her team-building skills, graphic design and event production skills are an asset to our Center of the Heart community.

Volunteering from the Heart

¡Únete a nuestro equipo de voluntarios!
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