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Oración por la abundancia

Sé que solo hay una vida, una esencia Divina que es Espíritu puro, y sé que esa es también mi vida. Esta vida es alegría, amor, paz y abundancia. Por tanto, la abundancia es natural y puramente mía.

Sé que encarno estas cualidades y, a medida que las doy al mundo, vuelven a mí multiplicadas.

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God is the Infinite Creator. The light, love, power, and presence of God are with me always emanating from within me at all times. I am One with this loving heart.
I am enfolded in Divine Light, and I find reassurance by affirming this Truth anytime doubts or fears arise. In times of grief and difficult situations I know God is right where I am. In a single thought, I can redirect my attention toward the peace of knowing I am protected, guided and guarded.  Infinite wisdom and strength are available whenever I have decisions to make regarding
my well-being and direction. If quick actions are needed, I am instantly guided toward the right path. The same Divine energy that flows through me flows through my loved ones as well. Within them are the same trusted attributes of the Indwelling Spirit.

I am grateful and filled with faith and trust claiming this as truth.

I release this word to the beloved heart of God and know all is well. It is done.


And so it is. Amen

-Rev. Maryum Morse

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