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Oración por la abundancia

Sé que solo hay una vida, una esencia Divina que es Espíritu puro, y sé que esa es también mi vida. Esta vida es alegría, amor, paz y abundancia. Por tanto, la abundancia es natural y puramente mía.

Sé que encarno estas cualidades y, a medida que las doy al mundo, vuelven a mí multiplicadas.


In this moment, I am surrounded by images, thoughts and things that all represent the crowning of completion.  Each, a unique representation of God's Mind.

I am a direct expression of this mind, and I am honed in to the fine tuning of God's Perfection.  

As I continue to expand my unique Light, God continues to inspire me with new ideas, new perspectives and new connections.  This inspiration guides me and helps me to realize my visions and make them manifest.  These visions are from the Mind of God.  I affirm that all paths to manifest my ideas and visions are clear.  I easily navigate any road blocks.  When I need assistance to see my vision made manifest, support comes in every form required.  

I turn my ideas into vision and my vision into reality effortlessly.  Everything I desire to complete is in action right now.  

What a blessing it is to be aware and in tune with the Mind of God.  What a blessing it is to see my vision complete and successful!  I am grateful for this accomplishment.  

I release my word to the Law of God, knowing that my achievements are all a reflection of the One Mind.

And So It Is!  Amen!

-Lava Bai, RScP 

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